Orchid Newton - Interior Design

We strive to ensure that the investment you make in our services is retained in the value gained by your property. Your home is possibly the largest investment you will ever make and can also provide capital growth if decorated and furnished to attract the best possible selling price.

As an example, a client in Aberdeenshire had a five bedroom home that had been on the market for some time, without any interest. After two months work, and a relatively modest budget, it was successfully sold to the first viewer to see the transformed home and significantly exceeded original asking price.

The sale price achieved released surplus cash that more than paid for all our work and materials supplied. Our delighted client was able to move home, taking all the new furniture with them. We were immediately invited to transform their next home too, with an increased budget ready for them to move in, as they were so pleased with what we had done to their old home!

We pride ourselves in being honest and we will advise you up front if we think your plans will result in expenditure that will not be retained in the increased value of your property. An Orchid Newton transformation will help you to live in comfort and be proud of your surroundings whilst helping you maximise the future sale price you will one day be able to achieve.

Orchid Newton Limited, Newton House, Insch, Aberdeenshire AB52 6SL e: justine.winter@orchidnewton.com